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Essentials Playbook Online Course


The Players Edge Essentials Playbook is the first step of our program. Recommended for high school and college aged players.

The Essentials Playbook Course

Recommended for High school+

The main focus of this course is to set the building blocks for long term athletic growth by giving you education on your Mind, Movement and Metabolism. The 3 M's as we like to reference them are extremely important to gaining the understanding you will need to continue your athletic journey.

The course itself is delivered as an online university, you have your own student locker that holds the entire course library and learning materials. The Playbook is setup in a manner that guides you through the course in its intended path. Once you complete a video you are then able to start the next one and so on. The course should take you roughly a month to finish, we strongly recommend only doing 2-3 videos per day and then applying those lessons to your life and training.

Once you have completed the entire course the system then unlocks all of the materials for you to revisit what you want at your leisure.


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unlocks all features of the program

Once you have completed the Essentials Playbook then we will be ready to start tackling the 4 Main Components. Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Physical. Once the building blocks of the 3 M's have been learned you are ready to start building a strong, beautifully crafted mansion. As we progress you will be able to pick out your custom flooring, windows, etc. Truly a build your own story learning model. We understand every athlete is different and we want to make sure you know your story is unique and help guide you down the proper path.

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